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Minimum Order: Negotiable
FOB: Keelung Or Taichung Port
TEL: 886-4-738-8596
FAX: 886-4-737-7131
Manifold gauge set
  • TK-S60G-SM
    • R134a Auto A/C 2-way
    • Aluminum Manifold gauge sets.
    • Hose connections for blue and red are 14mm-M ,
    • yellow hose is 1/2" ACME-F.
    • All hose are designed and crimped
    • for R134a working pressure-600 BurstingPressure 3,000.
    • With Swivel Manual Service Couplers.
    • With sight glass.
  • Easy to operate, safe and dependable,
  • Quality Guarantee, good after-sale service